Oracle Projects is unique among the applications in that a successful implementation services the financial information requirements of two very diverse groups in the project-centric enterprise - project and financial managers.

When properly implemented, Oracle Projects can certainly meet that challenge.

The key to a successful Oracle Projects implementation is to understand each aspect of the implementation, which group should control it, and where compromise is essential.

P2C2 offers a full range of Oracle Projects implementation services, including...

P2C2 brings many innovative concepts to the Oracle Projects implementation effort...

P2C2 was established in 1997 by Jules R. "Rick" Powers, PE, PMP.

Rick has over 30 years of comprehensive functional and technical experience, including...

Rick was a member of the first consulting team fielded by Oracle in 1993 to support Oracle Projects.

Rick's unique combination of experience improves your return on investment in Oracle Projects by insuring a successful implementation.

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